Trina Solar


Website for a world leader in solar panel technology/manufacturing.

The pioneering nature of Trina Solar required a state-of-the-art digital home. The result? Smart Energy: a brand platform that brought solar power into the limelight and inspired a new generation of dreamers.

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A strong, compact typeface projects cutting-edge innovation that’s not just loud, but disarming and persuasive.

Founded in 1997, Trina Solar is now at the forefront of an industry that dates back to the mid-1800s. The innovative nature of the company required a strong brand platform and digital home.

We worked closely with Trina Solar’s management team to solidify their position in the industry and emphasize business elements that set them apart from their competition. The result? “Smart Energy” – a brand platform that aims to bring solar energy into the limelight and inspire a whole new generation of dreamers and innovators. The platform communicates Trina Solar’s value to both its consumer base and the solar energy industry.

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UX, Design, Creative Direction

Dec 2014

Content pulled from around the web highlights how solar power is being used around the world.