So So Happy


eCommerce that featured cute monsters for an apparel brand.

We transitioned So So Happy’s website to a digital destination that was ecommerce-led and culture-driven; this lifted conversion rates 440%. Now that’s something to be “so so happy” about.

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The playful design integrated product marketing and character-based shopping with entertainment.

So So Happy is an apparel and accessories brand that features cute monsters. When we began working with So So Happy, their digital experience was scattered across four different websites and platforms. Our goal was to merge these sites into a single platform, increase character-based entertainment and lift conversion rates. To achieve the desired user experience and growth, I approached the project with user-centric and mobile-first ideas in mind, which guided us in creating the ideal digital destination for their youthful audience.

I was involved during the complete lifecycle of this project. I created pitch-winning designs (shown above), then oversaw and our P&L, strategy, UX, creative direction, development, A/B testing, usability testing, optimization and project management.

The results? Conversion rates rose from 0.5% to 2.7%, dwell times increased 200%, internal net profits soared from 20% to 48%, and incremental revenue was secured in the form of retainers and additional assignments.

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P&L Oversight, Strategy, UX, Design, Creative Direction, User Testing, A/B Testing, Project Management

Dec 2014

A user-centric and mobile-first approach guided us in creating the ideal digital destination for So So Happy’s youthful audience.