Wesbite and collateral for a global leader in the cannabis industry.

Parallel’s new corporate website positioned them as a pioneer who is dedicated to enhancing well-being and improving the quality of life for humanity through the benefits of targeted cannabinoids.

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Vibrant gradients were used to communicate the brand’s warm, optimistic point of view.

Parallel is a global leader in the cannabis industry. They have first-rate talent, trusted brands, technology-based innovation, innovators and a relentless focus on continuous improvement. As VP, Head of Design, my primary task was to create a site that told this story in the most compelling way.

I brought in Firstborn agency to build a destination that reflects Parallel’s innovation, exemplifies core values and tastefully blends form and function. While overseeing this partnership, I functioned as the hands-on creative lead and UX strategist.

I collaborated with various departments at Parallel and conducted user research to identify a set of strategic pillars. After gathering insights, I crafted an overarching digital strategy to properly speak with specific audiences. All of this ultimately informed aesthetic, content and architecture. To obtain executive buy-in, we mapped out a vision for the entire experience with wireframes and prototypes.

The ADA-compliant palette is built from a spectrum of bold, vibrant gradients that create dynamism throughout the experience. These are grounded by a balanced set of neutrals to create crisp contrast. Secondary gradients are used to add variety, providing alternative colorways that address different aspects of the company, e.g., wellness and innovation.

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Strategy, Creative Direction, Design, UX

Jan 2020

Content was structured to saliently tell Parallel’s unique story. By amplifying their prodigious scale, I was able to convey the legitimacy and maturity of the brand.