UX Optimization

UX optimizations for a class-leading mobile lens manufacturer.

I created new copy, design and structure based on research, then ran extensive A/B tests to figure out which treatments performed the best. These optimizations magnified conversion rates by 42%.

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Clear before-and-after examples made the benefits of using mobile lenses immediately understandable.

As the world’s most-awarded mobile lens, olloclip has been recognized globally for class-leading design and technology. olloclip is sold at Apple and Target, but their online sales lagged behind. I partnered with olloclip to increase conversion rates on their website. To accomplish this goal, I rigorously implemented a five-step process:

1. Analytics Checkup
Made sure that everything that needs to be tracked was being tracked properly in Google Analytics.

2. Research & Insights
Learned why olloclip’s customers are compelled to purchase through user testing, surveys, and heatmap analysis.

3. UX Hypotheses Creation
Based on the data-informed discovery of olloclip’s problems, I created possible solutions: conditional free shipping, one-year warranty, prominent value proposition, succinct product descriptions, improved page display time, intuitive site structure, HTML-based how-to guides, prompt email updates of order status ... just to name a few. These treatments were tested against a control (olloclip’s current site).

4. A/B Testing
I performed proper controlled testing, following the scientific method. Using strict stopping rules for tests to ensure trustworthy outcomes and to avoid imaginary lifts.

5. Rinse & Repeat
Testing is an iterative process. With each test I learned something new about olloclip’s customer and gathered data that helped create additional UX hypotheses.

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Strategy, UX, Copy, Design, Usability Testing, A/B Testing, Heatmap Analysis, Optimization

Apr 2017

The winning hypotheses yielded a $779,125 increase in annual revenue and a 6,493% ROI.