Blue Cross Blue Shield


A website that encouraged visitors to share ideas on healthcare.

The Power of the Human Voice launched a new kind of conversation: one of understanding. A place where people could speak their minds on health care and know someone is listening.

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We created an interface reminiscent of flying through fields of pulsing stars, each of the stars representing a voice.

We created a living audio message board for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida members and other Florida residents to broadcast their views on healthcare.

The website encouraged people to tell stories and share ideas on how to improve health care in the United States. Visitors were able to leave a voice message using their computer’s microphone, and an additional 1-800 number was provided. In addition, a stand-alone kiosk version of the website was created for use at out-of-home events.

When visitors clicked on a star, they heard a single message ... an idea or suggestion from another user. The site enabled conversations, as Blue Cross Blue Shield used this website as a platform to respond to and engage with contributors.

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Creative Direction

Aug 2008

This is the story of a company who cared to measure success differently, not just by their numbers, but also by better outcomes, and it all began by giving people a chance to be heard.