Let the fun begin.

When it comes to viewing design as “form follows function,” Taco Bell and I go together like their chips and nacho cheese sauce. The website redesign balanced product and entertainment, dishing out exciting flavor combinations and exclusive content.

Taco Bell

Yum! Brands challenged us to redesign Taco Bell’s global website. Not only did we create a robust CMS that allows global offices to update content on their local websites, we also crafted a design to reinforce Taco Bell’s branding. We did this by incorporating fun elements from their TV campaign in a unique way to show website visitors how to “Think Outside the Bun.”

On the website, visitors can learn about products, view promotions, and watch exclusive flavor videos. The design employs sleek transitions, vivid photography, and crisp copy that fits Taco Bell’s branding voice and showcases every menu item in the broad Taco Bell arsenal.


May 2006


UX, Creative Direction