Crafted with conversions in mind.

This high-end fashion brand’s website combines user experience, minimalist design, beautiful imagery, and engaging interactions to increase online conversions.

Oliver Grace

Meticulous data and testing shaped UX to increase online conversion rates. For example, it was revealed that drop-down menus annoy Oliver Grace visitors. Although these menus are ubiquitous on ecommerce websites, they were removed to reduce friction at the first step of selection. As a result, bounce rates were lowered. Hundreds of more data points were considered during the UX decision-making process, and Oliver Grace’s overall conversion rates increased from 0.5% to 2.4%.

In order to increase “add-to-bag” engagement, product detail pages were designed as modules to support an array of content. They also follow the Gutenberg Diagram principles that govern how people scan designs.

As Digital Director, I managed the India-based development vendor, reducing development costs by 75%. I also spearheaded the clients’ optimization strategy, which included A/B testing, user testing, and heatmap analysis. As a result of this strategy, Oliver Grace saw a 480% lift in conversions as well as the creation of a company-wide culture of testing and optimization.


August 2015


Strategy, UX, Design, Creative Direction, Development Oversight, A/B Testing, Optimization, Project Management