Life is complicated, your health care shouldn't be.

We positioned Land of Lincoln Health as a simple, affordable health insurance – accessible to everyone in Illinois – and differentiated the company with a Bears-inspired color palette of orange and blue.

Land of Lincoln Health

In March 2010, health care reform was signed into law. One important part of this new legislation was the program to create new health insurance organizations, like Land of Lincoln Health, called Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans. Land of Lincoln Health needed to communicate the unique essence of the company.

We collaborated with Land of Lincoln Health to surface elements of their business that would standout when among insurance giants. This lead to State Pride: a brand platform that showcased how the new Land of Lincoln Health is wholly unique to the people of Illinois. Location-based lifestyle photography dramatized active, engaged citizens enjoying everything Illinois has to offer. The idea was extended to brochures (shown above), email, and social.


October 2013


Design, Creative Direction