Building a first in digital coupons.

The Home Depot transformed its category’s digital coupon market by serving up targeted offers that respond seamlessly across all smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Home Depot

In 2013, digital coupons represented less than 3% of coupons redeemed in stores nationally. Research predicted that in 2016, over 90 million Americans will have redeemed at least one digital coupon, and 45% of mobile users will use these coupons. Home Depot capitalized on these trends by being first-to-market with coupons compatible with Google Wallet and Apple Wallet.

We planned and monitored Home Depot’s groundbreaking digital coupon campaign by:

1. Identifying three target audiences,
2. Determining offer types and frequencies based on previous consumer behaviors,
3. Setting dates around key holidays, with heavy promotions for the 30 days leading up to these holidays, and
4. Increasing engagement throughout the workweek to peak on Friday’s before all-important consumer weekends.

Home Depot’s offers drew a 7% redemption rate, doubling the results of Home Depot’s previous “money-off” campaigns.


May 2013


Strategy, UX, Design