Analytics-fueled redesign results in an immediate increase in sales.

The new expertly fuses ecommerce data with luxurious detail to achieve high conversions, persuasive design, and optimal UX from the ground up.


Hammitt is a luxury accessories brand based in Los Angeles, with handbags at its heart. My assignment was to create a digital experience that balances online shoppers’ practical needs with Hammitt’s memorable sophistication and style.

I was involved throughout the entire project’s life cycle: I oversaw strategy, UX, creative, A/B testing, optimization, development, and analytics. I also served as a hands-on designer.

As part of the engagement, I conceived a strategy based on in-depth costumer insights and the previous website’s usage data, both of which informed UX and design. I was able to overhaul the website’s primary purchase funnel, from the homepage to the product detail page. This resulted in an immediate 83% increase in conversion rates within the first month after re-launch. Additional tests and optimization plans are currently ongoing.


August 2016 (ongoing)


Strategy, UX, Design, Creative Direction, Development Oversight, A/B Testing, Optimization