A beautiful campaign for a beautiful place.

The Fairmont Hamilton Princess is the number one hotel in Bermuda. Their new advertising needed to be worthy of such a tremendous accolade. I developed a campaign that brought to life all of the wonderful scenery the island and hotel has to offer.

Fairmont Hamilton Princess

Fondly referred to by Bermudians as “The Pink Princess,” the Fairmont Hamilton Princess first opened its doors in 1885. It is one of Bermuda’s oldest and most iconic hotels and has been visited by Princess Louise, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, and Prince Charles, just to name a few.

The new print ads leveraged “pink” and built on the hotel's iconic heritage by showcasing stunning, unfettered visuals of the hotel and the island.

As a companion to the print campaign, digital display ads highlighted hotel and island promotions. The display ads beat the control’s click-through rate by 300% (a click-through rate increase from 0.06% to 0.18%) and out-performed hotel industry averages by 50%, helping make Bermuda’s “Pink Princess” a regal darling in the online world as well.


November 2014


P&L, Design, Creative Direction