Intelligent and intuitive.

BlackBerry was releasing their most advanced smartphone to date: the BlackBerry Q10. Our challenge was to create a website that made visitors feel like they were holding this smartphone in the palm of their hands.


The smartphone industry is led by Apple and Samsung, and then comes everyone else. BlackBerry set out to make its breakthrough in this category by capturing 10% of sales with a smarter smartphone, the BlackBerry Q10.

In order to fully convey the innovative Q10 experience online, we used a combination of video and 3D animation, along with interactive content to help users explore the smartphone. 360-degree views and live camera demos showcased BlackBerry’s new Shift technology.

The “Features” hub of the website provided more serious consumers with a detailed view and description of phone capabilities. Users were able to see the full spectrum of offerings at-a-glance and do an in-depth exploration of those that interested them most.


February 2013


UX, Creative Direction