144 banners in under a month. You read it correctly – under a month.

To generate leads for AIU (American Intercontinental University) during the key back-to-school season, we created successful, highly targeted display ads to drive consumers through AIU’s purchase funnel.


The goal of this project was “by-the-books”: beat the industry click-through-rate average. To achieve this, I implemented a strategy focused on achieving incremental gains by designing for purchase-funnel context, retargeting, and optimization.

To design for purchase-funnel context:
We created banners that impacted all stages of AIU’s audience’s decision-making cycle.

To focus retargeting:
We continued emphasizing specific, targeted messages after a website visit or search.

To optimize ad creative:
We created flexible design elements that were A/B tested throughout the entire campaign.

Results eclipsed the industry click-through-rate average by 45%.


May 2014


Planning, Strategy, Design, Creative Direction