Hi, I’m Will Stubbs. I’m a creative director based out of Chicago.

My approach is data-driven. I create designs that are built for reaching business objectives from the get-go. Before design begins, I crunch the numbers, analyze the business, conduct research, and turn my resulting insights into successful strategy.


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Professional Summary

For 20 years, I’ve crafted effective, award-winning work for world-class agencies and brands. My skills run the gamut of day-to-day business operations: P&L responsibility, strategy, UX, creative, A/B testing, user testing, optimization, development oversight, analytics, project management, and staffing.

Innovative Creative Director

Earned my design chops as a video game production artist back when Duke Nukem was “ripping ’em a new one.” I love games and solving puzzles. That’s the way I view my job every day: it’s a chance to roll up my sleeves and solve problems in the most creative, persuasive manner possible.


In my most recent role, I led the charge at United Future, Los Angeles where I increased internal net profits from 20% to 48%, generated a 410% average lift in conversion rates for ecommerce clients, and secured incremental revenue in the form of retainers and additional assignments.

ROI-Oriented Digital Mindset

My digital process is based 100% on UX research, A/B testing, and analytics. Personal preferences and opinions are left behind. Running tests and measuring real-world use is humbling, and analyzing this data has taught me that opinions do not help produce significant ROI.

My Personal Life

When I’m not working, I love spending time with my better half Karisa, and children: Michael and Alisa. I also enjoy wine, film, sports, and philosophy. I grew up in Southwest Georgia and have recently decided to learn the art of crafting the perfect chili.